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Osburn 2200 Insert Parts OB02201
Osburn 2200 Insert Parts Diagram.


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Osburn 2200 Insert Parts OB02201

2200 Insert Parts OB02201:

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Osburn 2200 Insert Parts Diagram. Look at the picture by clicking on it or by placing the mouse over the picture. Then select the part/image number from the drop down menu on the right side of the page. OA10140 BLACK DOOR OVERLAY, 1 OA10145 GOLD DOOR OVERLAY, 1 OA10150 BRUSHED NICKEL DOOR OVERLAY, 2 AC07868 1/2 " BLACK COIL HANDLE, 3 30112 SPRING PIN, 4 SE35101 DOOR ASSEMBLY WITHOUT OVERLAY, 5 AC26005 DOOR HANDLE AND LATCH KIT, 6 AC09185 DOOR LATCH KIT, 7 SE35107 REPLACEMENT GLASS WITH GASKET 5 3/8"x11 23/32", 8 AC06400 BLACK SELF-ADHESIVE GLASS GASKET KIT (6'), 9 SE35108 REPLACEMENT GLASS WITH GASKET 17 1/2"x11 23/32", 10 PL35103 TOP OR BOTTOM GLASS RETAINER, 11 PL35102 SIDE GLASS RETAINER, 12 30026 THREAD CUTTING SCREW 10-24 F 5/8" HEX WASHER HEAD, 13 OA11390 SILICONE & DOOR GASKET REPLACEMENT KIT 7/8" (8 FEET), 14 SE35126 TRIM KIT ASSEMBLY TOP (2N105), 15 PL35127 TOP LOUVRE (2N1003), 15 PL35127PN TOP LOUVRE TRIM BRUSHED NICKEL, 15 PL35127PG TOP LOUVRE TRIM GOLD, 16 SE35130 BLOWER ASSEMBLY, 17 44046 THERMODISC F110-20F, 18 44070 CROSSFLOW BLOWER, 19 44091 ROCKER SWITCH 2 POSITION MSR-8, 20 44085 RHEOSTAT KNOB, 21 44087 RHEOSTAT NUT, 22 44084 RHEOSTAT WITH NUT, 23 60013 POWER CORD 96"x18-3, 24 AC06800 GASKET KIT (WHITE 1/2''x3' SELF ADHESIVE 3/8''x19' BLACK TADPOLE 1/2''x9'), 25 PL35137 BLACK LOUVRE INSERT BLOWER ASSEMBLY, 25 PL35137PG GOLD PLATED LOUVRE FOR INSERT BLOWER ASSEMBLY, 25 PL35137PG GOLD PLATED LOUVRE FOR INSERT BLOWER ASSEMBLY, 26 SE45056 INSTRUCTION MANUAL KIT, 27 30102 1/4'' CAST IRON AIR CONTROL HANDLE, 28 SE34021-02 AIR CONTROL MECHANISM, 29 PL35135 DOOR HANDLE HEAT SHIEILD, 30 PL35017 DOOR STOP, 31 PL35056 SHIM, 32 SE35021 HINGE ASSEMBLY, 33 PL34052 LINER FIXATION BRACKET, 34 VP00012 2 5/8"x6"x1 1/4" REFRACTORY BRICK 2, 35 29005 6"x8 1/4"x1 1/4'' REFRACTORY BRICK HD, 36 29020 4 1/2''x9''x1 1/4'' REFRACTORY BRICK HD, 37 29011 4''x9"x1 1/4" REFRACTORY BRICK HD, 38 PL36027 3"x9"x1 1/4'' REFRACTORY BRICK, 40 PL35029 FRONT SECONDARY AIR TUBE, 41 PL35027 MIDDLE SECONDARY AIR TUBE, 42 PL35028 REAR SECONDARY AIR TUBE, 43 30068 STAINLESS STEEL COTTER PIN 1/8"x1 1/2", 44 21290 C-CAST BAFFLE 13"x10 15/16"x1 1/4", 45 PL35030 10 7/8"x13 1/4"x1/2" BAFFLE INSULATION, 46 OA10121 BRASS REGULAR FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (29"x44"), 46 OA10122 BLACK REGULAR FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (29"x44"), 46 OA10123 BRUSHED NICKEL FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (29"x44"), 46 OA10124 BRASS FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (32"x44"), 46 OA10125 BLACK FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (32"x44"), 46 OA10126 BRUSHED NICKEL FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (32"x44"), 46 OA10127 BRASS LARGE FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (32"x50"), 46 OA10128 BLACK LARGE FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (32"x50"), 46 OA10129 BRUSHED NICKEL FACEPLATE TRIM KIT (32"x50"), 47 SE15098 FACEPLATE HARDWARE KIT, 48 OA10110 LARGE FACEPLATE WITHOUT TRIM(32x50) 2200LFP, 48 OA10115 MEDIUM FACEPLATE WITHOUT TRIM(32x44) 2200MFP, 48 OA10120 REGULAR FACEPLATE WITHOUT TRIM(29x44) 2200RFP

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Osburn's were first sold to the public in 1979 and at that time they were manufactured in Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada. Today Osburn's are made in Quebec Canada. Osburn was the first ever North American manufacturer to produce a wood stove
in compliance with Oregon State's strict air emission standards.
OsburnWoodStoves.com is an authorized leading etailer of Osburn Heating Appliances.
The manufacture website is Osburn-mfg.com
"Don't just replace your old wood stove, pellet stove or fireplace insert, upgrade it with an Osburn"

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